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After many years of living in America, I started longing for Serbian literature. I searched on many popular online bookstores here in the US and could not find books written in my native language. The more I searched, the more I wanted to read our books. Therefore, I asked a friend back home to send me one of the popular books.

The book travelled for long three months before it reached me in Michigan, USA. That wouldn't be so terrible had the book arrived in at least a similar condition to the original. The book arrived soaking wet! I tried to dry it for days, page by page, and after almost a month, it was finally readable.

All this did not diminish my love for the book and my desire to read it, although I felt devastated by what happened to my book. My experience just solidified the wish to make books from our region far more accessible to our people across the US and to reach them as they should be 🙂 In one piece, preserved and - DRY!

A lot of time has passed from that idea to today's realization and launch of the YU Biblioteka. But with significant effort and love invested in logistics, we were able to launch our website with a simple two-click purchase and free delivery across the whole US.

YU Biblioteka is a place where writers from our region and their masterpieces, whether fresh off the press or those with traditional values, such as Na Drini Ćuprija and Ivo Andrić, come together to make a true book-lover happy. In addition, there is a section for children's books with the currently popular books, but also with something more traditional like Družina Sinji Galeb, Orlovi rano lete, Marko Kraljević, Derviš i Smrt, as well as Jovan Jovanović Zmaj's tresures.

The books in English have a special section, so you can now give your US friends literature that can bring them closer to you, whether through the works of Ivo Andrić or with something more current such as Miroslav Mišković and his autobiographical book Me, Tycoon, or Safari Duha by Ana Bučević.


I was devastated when I saw the condition in which my long-awaited book from Serbia arrived, but I am glad that I managed to turn its wreckage into something that aims to save other desirable books from our beautiful Balkans.

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